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OMT-Tank provides services for container and tank-trailer transports at Rusko, close to Turku. We offer a variety of services including washing and maintenance containers and tank trailers. We also provide heating services for container products. At OMT-Tank we take the environment seriously in our services.

We also have some storage space for containers.

Our over 20 years expertise in transport services and tanks guarantees quality service. Most of our clients are transport service providers, of which approximately half are from foreign countries such as Sweden, Germany and Belgium.

Please contact us for more information and enquiries!

+358 (0)40 595 2457 Markku Törmänen
+358 (0)40 593 8860 Mikko Törmänen

We are located next to one of the main freeways near Turku. For our precise location, have a look at our location from the following map.